Latest Research

Take a look at our latest venture: The Residential Development Algorithm

The Residential Development Algorithm (RDA) developed by ipData applies sophisticated mathematical algorithms, cutting edge technology, advanced GIS mapping with analytical tools to quickly cut through a fog of property data, complex council rules, valuations and building approaches to gain new insights. Our state of the art algorithm instantly draws upon a range of real estate and technical ‘Big Data’ bases to assess not only single parcels of land, but also entire streets and suburbs. This means the user can exponentially speed up the due diligence process to assess potential properties and development options. Investors can gain access to high investment return sites to optimise their investment portfolio, backed by an added library of analytical tools. ‘Analytics’ also allows state and local Government policy makers, state finance and utility authorities to test a range of future scenarios (growth, financial, economic, social, employment, environmental), see ‘Policy Model’.

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